Death Before Dishonour (high level Pathfinder)

#1: In which we meet our players...
Xiwu / Countryside


Ardnir, an Elf guardsman, was investigating the mysterious explosion that necessitated the martial law crackdown.  In the course of his investigation, he received a mysterious summons from the Queen to meet on Second Month, 10th Day.

His path led him to the odd clockwork shop run by the puzzling and enigmatic craftsman, Song Shih.  Ardnir could tell that Song Shih knew more than he was letting on, and so Ardnir pressed him into service to aid in the investigation.

Dr Rakeesh al-Aslan retired to his room in the upscale hotel, and was greeted by a black-clad intruder who had broken into his room.  Before he could react, Dr al-Aslan was pushed out of harm's way by his alter-ego, Scar, who did not hesitate to leap onto the would-be assailant and shred his body to pieces in a flash.  After Scar calmed down and let Dr al-Aslan take control again, they discovered that the man in black carried a message for the Doctor, similar to the one given to Ardnir.

Cradle of Immortality

I had a migraine that day, so I don't really remember much of what happened that I wasn't involved with.  Sorry this recap is so bare-bones this week,

Xiao Lei was asked by the Village Council to investigate a crash a few miles away. He was joined by Adari who was tracking a pack of Adlets.

The Adlets were engaged in combat with soldiers from a crashed airship wearing black armour.

Sukio entered the Dreamscape and was given 3 clues of where to go next.

What you need to know
The Setting


Lingshen is a Hereditary Monarchy with a very well developed military. Many people in Lingshen make their living either as soldiers or by supporting the military in some other capacity (weaponsmith, mercenary, spy) but the nation is fairly wealthy and stable so there are other opportunities as well. Calligraphy is a national obsession and you can make a very good living if you are skilled enough in calligraphy.

There are a very limited number of people in Lingshen who have migrated from the Inner Sea region for whatever reason. They are typically found in the capital of Xiwu and almost never work in the military. There are a couple of embassies from the Inner Sea in Xiwu, but those who work for an embassy are political in nature not military and are there mostly to foster trade relations.

King Huang is not only the political ruler of Lingshen but also it’s military Commander In Chief. King Huang has 5 children which each command their own army in turn, and are given free reign to keep peace in their own way. Skirmishes between the siblings are common, sometimes bordering on full-scale war.

King Huang’s five children are:

Princess Lu Bing (aka, the Leopard)
Lu Bing is a fierce warrior in her own right. Her army specializes in small squad based tactics that hit hard and overwhelm their opponents with a variety of methods of warfare simultaneously.

Princess Da Sheng (aka, the Crane)
Da Sheng prefers subterfuge to outright war and her army specializes in ambush tactics. She has many spies and assassins and is not above using poisoned weapons during important conflicts.

Prince Chang Chi (aka, the Snake)
Chang Chi prefers speed and his army specializes in swift actions that entangle and slow down opposing armies allowing his army freedom of movement to get in and out of battle with unmatched swiftness.

Prince Xi Song (aka, the Tiger)
Xi Song prizes strength in numbers over anything. His army is larger than any 3 of his siblings combined and has tens of thousands of infantry alone. His army is an unstoppable tide that sweeps over its enemies and crushes anything in its way.

Prince Wu Kong (aka, the Dragon)
Wu Kong is a powerful sorcerer and his army is comprised equally of warriors and spellcasters. It is also the wealthiest army, its soldiers armed with healing potions and it often uses elemental magic to alter the battlefield.


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